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Variable Speed Belt
            Variable-Speed Belts provide top performance on variable speed drives. The belt adjusts itself automatically to the pulley groove providing a wide range of speeds and speed ratios. Variable-Speed belts have a distinct shape as their belt top widths are usually greater than their thickness. This permits a greater range of speed ratios than standard belts. Usually cogged or notched on the underside, these belts are specified for use on variable speed sheave drives requiring exact speed control and maximum range of speed changes. They are specially constructed for flexibility and low heat build up, resulting in high power transmission and long belt life. Super-Speed Belts are available both in plain and cogged in any length and angle as per order.
  • Flexibility Cog pattern gives Greater flexibility resulting in efficient heat dissipation
  • High power transmission capacity
  • Strong tensile members and transverse modulus provide high horse power rating
  • High heat and oil resistant
  • Very wide range of speed ratios

a (mm) b(mm) Θ(mm)
37 12 22
12 5 22
16 6 22
22 8 22
10 5 22
12 6 22
16 8 22
20 10 22
20 12 22

  • Engineered notch contour increases flexibility and assures maximum heat dispersion while considerably decreasing running temperatures
  • Strong transverse rigidity resists belt distortion in the pulley
  • Uniform undercord thickness ensures smooth running
  • Printing Presses
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Engineering Industries
  • Printing Machine SparesPrinting Machine Spares
    Variable Speed Belt
  • Printing Machine SparesPrinting Machine Spares
    Variable Speed Belt
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