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Bottcherin Solano

Cleaning Agent for Rollers and Blankets

Cleaning agent for cleaning printing blankets and rollers in sheet-fed presses. Particularly suitable for use in automatic roller and blanket washing units.

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1. Based on aliphatic hydrocarbons
2. Flash point > 62 °C
3. Free of aromatics and corrosion inhibited
4. Excellent for removing dirt at the non-printing area
5. Enhanced cleaning effect
6. Reduced cleaning agent consumption
7. Spontaneous emulsification and high emulsion stability
8. Excellent for removing paper dust and paper dust edges
9. Enhanced draining characteristics in drain pans on brush cleaning units
10. Can be fully removed with water, leaving no residue


Slovenian Street

We recommend setting the washing system to optimise the cleaning cycle and Bottcherin Solano performance. In case of manual cleaning, use Bottcherin Solano undiluted or mixed with water. Apply the wash to the blanket or roller, then finally rinse with water until all ink and cleaning agent residues have been removed.

Bottcherin Solano meets the test criteria of the machine manufacturers.

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