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Fountain solution additive for a broad range of applications in sheet-fed offset printing. Ideally suited for reduction of alcohol to 6-8% (vol.). In solutions with a concentration of 2.5 - 4%, it can be used for medium to hard water. Reduces build-up of paper dust on ink rollers and improves drying. The product is corrosion inhibited and approved by press manufactures.

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Fountain Solution Additive

BottcherFount S-3010+ is a fountain solution additive for sheet-fed offset and continuous form printing.


1. Use at a concentration of 2 - 4 %
2. For IPA-reduction to 6 - 8 %
3. Very stable ink-/water-balance
4. Reduced water pick-up of the ink, therefore higher ink densities obtained
5. Fast start-up and stable printing for long runs
6. For water hardness 8 - 25° dH (total hardness)
7. pH-value 4.8 - 5.0 (depending on water hardness)
8. Reduced calcium deposits on ink rollers
9. Suitable for UV and Hybrid inks as well as special inks containing metallic pigments
10. Corrosion inhibited
11. Minimises build-up of paper dust and ink on the blanket
12. Suitable for CTP plates
13. Effective plate protection during press stops
14. Suitable for copper rollers
15. Increased conductivity per % input: 420 μS/cm
16. Density 1.10 (kg/l)


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Before applying BottcherFount S-3010+, the fountain system must be completely emptied and cleaned thoroughly, preferably using BottcherPro Hydroclean.

Use BottcherPro Calcit as a re-hardener for RO and soft water.

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