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Fast drying deglazer and rejuvenating agent for printing blankets with enhanced ink solvent strength. (Flash point < 21° C)

Slovenian Street

Rejuvenator for Printing Blankets

Bottcherin Rol-O-Plan is a special wash for deglazing and rejuvenating of blankets. Applied manually, Bottcherin Rol-O-Plan removes incrusted ink residues and other dirt from blanket pores.


1. Flash point > 25 °C
2. High ink dissolving performance
3. Cleans pores of blanket surface
4. Removes glazing from printing blankets
5. Extends the cleaning period and shortens lead times


Slovenian Street

Bottcherin Rol-O-Plan should be applied to a cleaning rag and then wiped intensively over the blanket surface. This procedure can be repeated, as necessary.

Wear protective gloves during application.

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