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Roller Protection Oil

BottcherPro Protecto is a roller protection oil for use on dry running rollers in non-printing units. Particularly useful for lubricating and protecting rollers when printing narrow webs.


1. Prevents damage from running rollers dry
2. Prevents abrasion and overheating of roller surface
3. Prolongs roller life.
4. Does not dissipate, stays on roller
5. Does not mist or spray
6. Free of VOCs
7. Leaves no residue, easily removed with standard roller wash
8. Compatible with rubber roller coverings
9. Will not damage printing plates


Slovenian Street

BottcherPro Protecto is applied using a spray bottle. Apply evenly across the non-printing areas of the ink rollers. It may also be applied during the run if rollers are accessible. Wash bottle, spray head and extension tube may be ordered separately. When using to protect rollers while running a narrow web, BottcherPro Protecto should be reapplied after approximately 30,000 cylinder rotations.


BottcherPro Protecto is classified and marked according to EC Directive 88/379/EEC - in its latest version. Bottcherin 6003 is not classified as a dangerous good in the sense of national and international transport regulations (GGVSE- ADR/RID - GGV See/IMDG).

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