Directional Control Valves 
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Manual & Mechanical Valve 1/4
DP series
  • 3/2 NO / NC & 5/2 versions
  • Basic, Roller lever, Finger lever and Hand lever type available
  • Poppet seating arrangement
  • No exhaust overlap
Manual & Mechanical Valve M5
DP2 series
  • 3/2 Normally Closed version
  • Basic, Roller lever and Finger lever versions available
  • Poppet seating arrangement
  • No exhaust overlap
Foot operated Valve
DP series
  • Valve: Poppet type, High reliability, High response, Compact size, Long life
  • Foot pedal:Pressure die cast pedal, Convenient to operate without physical strain, Spring return type, Valve with lock is also available
  • Application:These valves are used as directional control valves to operate pneumatic cylinders (single or double acting).
  • Function:A 5/2 foot operated valve connected to a pneumatic cylinder (double acting type), when pressed once and released, makes the cylinder piston to move in the forward direction and continuously keeps in that direction. When it is again pressed the lock is released and the pedal returns back due to a spring, and thus the cylinder retracts back to its home position.
    Similarly a 3/2 foot operated valve, can be used to operate a single acting cylinder.
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