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IPA / IPA Special / IPA neu

A 50% reduction of IPA concentration of 10 t0 15 % (vol.) in dampening water still in common use today to 6 to 8 % (vol.) makes an important contribution to the reduction of IPA emissions into the air. The impact on emissions achieved by further reduction of the alcohol concentration to < 5% is significantly lower.

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Emulsifying graphs by Surland

Unlimited water pick-up leads to increase of dot gain, toning and unequally printed areas. Very fast ink-water balance, therefore sharp dot and fast start-up of plates. Poor water pick-up leads to bad ink transfer, decrease of ink density, to sharp dot gain and partly blinding of the plate.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Used in sheetfed / web fed printing industry:

1. Used as a dampening additive in alcohol dampening unit and reduces surface tension
2. It increases fountain solution transport to inking plate and inking unit.
3. Increases viscocity of fountain solution.
4. Faster wetting of plate .
5. Less ink build up on dampening rollers.
6. Cooling effect in the press / chiller unit because of evaporation.

Used as Thinner, Disinfectant, DE-ICING etc.

1. Standard dosage for Printing Industry 5 -15 % and for other Industry as per the requirement
2. Flash point 12 ºC.
3. Ignition temp 425 ºC
4. Density 0,785 gm / cm³
5. Solubility in water - Missible in all proportion

Safety Measures

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> Use appropriate container to avoid environmental contamination.

> Do not discharge into drains or water and do not store on public depositories.

> If swollowed induce vomiting , seek medical advice

> Repeat and prolonged skin contact may cause removal of natural fat from skin and irritation of the skin

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